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Meaningful Data

With Meaningful Data we help you collect, model and make qualitative and quantitative data usable and translate their insights into concrete solutions that benefit the digital service or product.

So, your digital platform, product or service is up-and-running, but changing customer needs, new insights and sharpened business goals make further development a necessity. How do you deal with this in a sustainable way and what role does data play in this process?

Our vision revolves around Human Centred Everything, putting the human at the centre of everything we do. Concretely, this means involving the person that uses your product, service, platform or app, in our work. Directly, for example through user research, but also indirectly, by operationalising (user) data.

We help you to gather and model data, extract insights from different data streams and translate them into actionable backlog items for further development. We do not only iterate the platform, but also fine-tune the data model to obtain better results every time. We give meaning to data by setting up, developing and monitoring a feedback loop.

Meaningful data enables you to continuously develop your platform based on actionable insights that make sense.

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