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Shortest path to Value

With the Shortest Path to Value (SPV) we help you realise your digital product in a swift and efficient way, or we help to continue development for your existing service in the most valuable way. The goal is to create short term value, but to effectively continue development for the long term.

You’ve built the foundation of your digital strategy and you know in which direction you want to go. But where do you start with realising these ambitions? And what do you need to go live in the short term with something of value, without losing sight of the long-term goals?

Together we define which version of your digital product should be released to your end user first. The guiding principle here is to determine which functionalities have the most value within the set goals. Customer needs and business value are paramount. Smart use of (existing) technology and solutions follows. We are technology agnostic, and carry a broad experience, enabling us to put together the best possible solution.

From a Project Plan we start with a number of iterations to get to a first release. We do this according to Lean Agile Development; a working method that enables us to design and implement quickly, but also allows us to adapt efficiently to new insights from meaningful data. This is essential in the philosophy of SPV; after the first release, subsequent sets of valuable functionalities will be added quickly.

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