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We are fresk.digital

New in name, mature in experience. We are a group of experienced professionals in Digital Sensemaking: data driven digital product development.

At fresk.digital we have years of experience in the field of complex issues that lie at the intersection of the digital and the physical in the business core of our clients. We all have our own area of expertise, but together we complement each other and represent the cross-section of what is needed to deliver a good digital product: human centred data, design and technology combined with knowledge of business strategy, product governance and software delivery.


This is us

Modern digital agency

In the past 15 years, the digital evolution has mainly been about Digital Transformation, an area that we know well as fresk.digital. A transformation on its own is not enough, value is not found in just launching a (new) digital platform, that is just a means. In the end it is about that platform being the right product for businesses and people. It is the basis for a sustainable relationship between them.

Focusing on this progressive philosophy, Arjan, Cyrille, Lisa, Paul, Piet, Remmert and Stefan founded fresk.digital in February 2022: a modern digital agency with a focus on Digital Sensemaking: data driven digital product development.

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