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For most organisations, Digital Transformation is a daily reality. The companies that started digitally don’t know any better, whereas others are undergoing a step-by-step transformation.

And once an organisation has been transformed into a digital organisation, it remains crucial to continuously develop meaningful services and products to the end user. With an intertwined knowledge of Data, Design and Technology, in which we put humans first, our digital agency partners with our customers to translate complex business-critical issues into a validated digital solution.

Our customers and we understand each other's strengths very well.

This comes from a mutual understanding that our customers know their own business and vision best and fresk.digital knows how to understand, sharpen and operationalise that vision optimally. This makes us the driver of digital acceleration.

In this partnership of trust, customers see us as the partner who takes the leading role in developing their digital strategy and building or strengthening their business-critical digital solutions. This leads to the next step in their digital development: Digital Sensemaking.

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We have more than 20 years of experience in the digital world and are specialised in answering business-critical challenges with high-quality digital solutions. We put the human in the centre of everything we do and we feel at home at well-known corporates and promising scale-ups.

Before starting fresk.digital, we used to work together on projects for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Just Eat Takeaway.com and Nederlandse Spoorwegen, to name a few. From that joint experience, our team is ready to efficiently deliver high quality.


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