How we do it

We bring our clients from business concept to meaningful digital product. By making the right product right we are able to facilitate people's needs and meet our clients’ business goals. The digital product then becomes the vehicle for a durable relationship between businesses and people, bringing value to both.

Our services:

Discover & Strategise

Your business goals are our starting point to formulate an Actionable Digital Strategy, resulting in valuable digital initiatives plotted in a roadmap, and a definition of your first digital product that we can bring to market.

We set up the initial meaningful data model and define the most important business drivers. Technical feasibility of the first digital product is based on your current software landscape and the requirements for your future digital solution.

Create & Launch

The first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is created in cycles of build, measure, learn, ranging from clickable prototypes to fully functioning software. Each iteration is tested with real users to make sure we’re creating the most meaningful product.

Our goal is to first validate the problem-solution fit, and then validate the product-market fit with as little resources as possible and with maximum value for your business and customers. A quick go-to-market is possible with our deep knowledge of SaaS and cloud solutions that are used to deliver the best fit and cost effective digital products.

Optimise & Grow

With a validated, meaningful MVP live, we now start scaling up with small improvement iterations that are aimed at growth.We continuously make sense of your customer experience data.

Which means we measure and learn from these insights, translate them into newly designed features, and build them into a Meaningful Digital Product that provides the most optimal experience for your customer and grows your business.

Proudly working for:

Our clients are our partners, their goal is our goal. This helps us understand them well and at the same time bring them a fresh perspective on their challenges, so we can create the best solution.

How can we help you?

How do I make a concrete digital plan that is in line with my strategic business goals?

A concrete digital plan is especially useful if the result provides added value for your organization and end users. That is why we start by mapping out the customer needs and connecting them with your organizational goals and KPIs. In addition, the technical feasibility is tested, because we understand that the technical elaboration must also remain affordable.

We prioritize the results and translate them into an actionable digital roadmap. This way a connection is always made between customer needs, organizational goals and technical feasibility.

How do I get more revenue out of my customers?

Achieving more sales from your customers means focusing on a healthy long-term relationship. Your goal is a satisfied customer who will come back and use your services again. When you know who your customer is, what motivates them, what they need and what they lack, you can start improving their customer experience.

Together we will look for so-called 'leverage points', points in your service provision where you have the chance to make a big difference in the customer experience. We respond to these leverage points with smart digital solutions and work towards an ever-improving customer experience.

How do I bring my strategy to life in a concrete solution?

When you have defined a digital strategy and know which digital product you want to bring to the market, you can proceed with the actual realization of the digital product. It is important to validate whether the product is the right one in practice as soon as possible.

The first step for us is by opting for technology that enables us to launch digital solutions quickly and efficiently, so with a short time-to-market. And secondly, validate it directly with end users, so that we can collect honest feedback that helps optimize the product. In fact, we work from MVP (minimal viable product) to MVP, until we and the end user are satisfied with the end product.

Then we can continue with the growth phase, in which we can scale up the product and improve it step by step at a detailed level.

How do I choose the best technical solution for my situation?

Choosing the right technical solution is not easy. Besides the fact that there is a lot of software on the market, you probably already have an existing software architecture and you may also not know exactly what your future wishes are and what the technical impact is.

With our experience we are able to make the connection between organizational goals and user needs to determine which digital solutions you want to bring to the market in the coming years. We then analyze how we can use your existing software architecture for this, where we can apply existing SaaS software, and where we need to build custom software where necessary (and in that order).

Our experts have years of experience with what is available in the market in software solutions, and can quickly translate these options to your specific situation.

How can I trust that I am making a future-proof choice?

Unfortunately, no one can predict the future. However, we can make as few assumptions as possible by validating as many of our choices with end users as possible. This reduces the chance that we will not bring the right digital product to the market.

Because we are not tied to a specific technical solution, we can make technical choices that offer us as much flexibility as possible, so that we can easily change the digital product in the future. A working digital product also gives us the opportunity to constantly collect data about user behavior. This allows us to develop in a very targeted manner, and to test and improve at a detailed level, and thus respond quickly to advancing insights.