An actionable digital strategy for MaaS at the Dutch Railways

An actionable digital strategy for MaaS at the Dutch Railways

MaaS is door-to-door travel, by combining different modalities and unlocking them personally via an app. For the traveler, this should be a smooth, efficient experience. And that means that different organizations have to work well together at the back, so that if something does not go well and service has to be provided, the traveler is helped back on the road as quickly as possible.


NS Stations Services asked to map out the future service needs of the MaaS passenger to prepare for this future demand.

P+R is one of the MaaS services from the Dutch Railways


NS Stations is a key player in enabling Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) in the Netherlands. As an organisation, NS Stations is responsible for all kinds of services that travelers find at stations, including public transport bicycles, bicycle parking on a subscription basis, and P+R car parking.


Macro-mobility, the train

To create this overview, we proposed to formulate a strategy that focuses on the needs of the traveler, and also shows which organisations play which role in the MaaS playing field around NS Stations.

It can then be made clear where there are opportunities to efficiently meet the service needs with digital solutions.


Micro-mobility, the bicycle

Macro-mobility, the trainMicro-mobility, the bicycle

NS as end-responsible for their product portfolio

Way of working

In our Discover phase we have created an overview of the many organisations that are active in enabling MaaS services in collaboration with NS Stations. In this phase we also mapped out the customer journey and expressed the traveler's needs in terms of pain points and wishes.

In the Strategize phase, we summarized the results from the Discover phase in clear visualisations, and a manifesto entitled: NS Stations and the MaaS service provider are a two-unit, with the traveler as the center.

“The team helps translating complex matters, into a tangible plan with an actionable roadmap. This results in a clear path towards our goal. They manage to operationalise a big vision into a digital strategy.”

Peter van de Pol

Product Owner MaaS & OV-pay at Nederlandse Spoorwegen


In order to be able to present the results easily in a large organization such as NS Stations, they have been summarized in clear visualizations and a handbook entitled: NS Stations and the MaaS service provider are a two-unit, with the passenger as the center.

An action-oriented set of handles for the NS Stations Services organization and its partners to continue to offer their services efficiently and with a high level of service to door-to-door travelers.

Starting points for a successful collaboration with MaaS service providers


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