Smart cooking made easy with the SevvyMe app

Smart cooking made easy with the SevvyMe app

Sevvy is a food technology company that has developed a technology for healthy, sustainable and fast cooking.

Thanks to this patented technology it is possible to prepare food without cooking fats and to use up to 50% less salt and sugar. In addition, up to 90% less electricity is needed to prepare the food and the ingredients always have a perfect, constant doneness.

This is because the integral heating is achieved using electrical currents. Which means that cooking can be done quickly and at an exact, low temperature and that vitamins and nutrients are perfectly preserved.

The smart cooker was developed in collaboration with VanBerlo.


The smart cooker contains a new technology developed by Sevvy. Not many people are familiar with it yet and they may not immediately appreciate the value it can bring to them.

Since the digital interaction with the technology plays a major role in users' adaptation, Sevvy asked us to help them with this challenge.




Technology used

React Native, Contentful

Sevvy prepares your dishes with the touch of a button.


A cooking process does not start with the cooking itself, but a number of steps before that.


Cooking & prototyping.

To embrace a new technology in everyday life, it should bring more than just the cooking. In other words, Sevvy is not just an innovative technology in a smart cooker, but a smart cooking platform that helps people from grocery to plate: planning and preparing fresh meals, making the entire cooking process more efficient and stress-free.


Cooking with Sevvy.

Cooking & prototyping.Cooking with Sevvy.

Our ambition was to develop a simple but effective app that bridges the gap between technology and lifestyle: the SevvyMe app.

Main screens of the SevvyMe app.

Main screens of the SevvyMe app.

Way of working

We started with a Discover & Strategise phase. Through research and workshops, we have gained insight into Sevvy's goals and vision, mapped user needs and gained deeper knowledge of the technology. This resulted in an Actionable Digital Strategy containing:

  • A concept aimed at orienting on recipes and the cooking flow;
  • A technical strategy for linking the hardware and software (SevvyMe app).

"We worked with over an extended period of time to develop and implement the SevvyMe for our food technology company Sevvy. We were impressed by the perseverance, cleverness and fresh thoughts of the team of Their solution orientation has given the project the perfect boost."

Kamiel de Leur

Managing Director


The result is the SevvyMe app built on a React Native framework supported by a headless Contentful CMS containing the specific Sevvy recipes.

The app integrates seamlessly with the cooking technology in the smart cooker. As a result, combined they form a platform in which people are helped with their cooking flow on a daily basis:

  • Inspiration:
    What should you eat? If you already have ingredients at home, help is offered to prepare recipes based on what you already have. If you still need to do some shopping, you will receive a shopping list.
  • Preparation:
    You will be guided step by step in the preparation of cooking, from shopping to cutting the ingredients.
  • Cooking:
    Based on the recipe, the technology in the smart cooker prepares your dish with the touch of a button. And if you want to use your own recipe, you can get started right away with the SevvyMe app.

The Sevvy technology enables healthy, sustainable and fast cooking


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