Unravel your next travel destination

Unravel your next travel destination

Ravlling is your new travel platform that revolutionises the way you search for your next travel destination in Europe and makes your search efficient, fun and exciting again.

The search for your next travel destination should reflect the fun of the traveling itself, but instead it can become a complex, demotivating and time consuming job, because:

  1. There are so many destinations to choose from that it becomes difficult to navigate all the possibilities to decide what fits your needs and where to go.
  1. You can feel pressured during your search because your quest is filled with dark patterns from travel providers and booking platforms. They tap into your fear of missing out on the best deal. This does not help your happy flow during your booking experience.
  1. You are often steered into the direction of what you know or what you (are made to) believe is popular. But what if there are alternative destinations that are maybe closer by, less touristy, and just a bit more surprising? What if there is a perfect fit for your travel wishes that you were not even aware of?

Ravlling aims to solve this travel search paradox and wants to regain the trust of the traveler when looking for your next destination. And helps accommodate in the process of searching, browsing and navigating through European destinations and helps you decide where to go, what to do, where to stay and how to get there.


Help us create a digital platform where we can offer travelers an easy way to explore and evaluate their next destination, show them new and surprising destinations in Europe as an alternative for the usual suspects and make their search efficient and fun again.



Travel & Mobility

Technology used

Graph Database, Next.js

In the discover & strategize phase we often used "Preikestolen" as a leading example for a tourist attraction featured on Ravlling.


Creating a completely new digital platform is a challenge. The question is broad and the answer takes time, it can feel like an insurmountable effort. But rest assured; it doesn’t have to be. Though a platform like this is not built in a day, the strategy to get there is quite straightforward: Start small and validate! And that is exactly what we did. We were able to work towards the core challenges of the platform and design and validate an MVP with the best fitting architecture.


Exploring graph technology.

The new platform requires all relevant travel content throughout Europe to be mapped and presented to the traveler in a clear and efficient way, content that helps answers main travel questions like: Where to go?, What to do?, Where to stay?, How to get there?


Team Ravlling on Preikestolen.

Exploring graph technology.Team Ravlling on Preikestolen.

This opened two main questions:

  • What (new) scalable technology helps us navigate this broad variety of data from different sources and makes it possible to filter the data into clean content that can actually be used by the traveler? The answer: Work from a Graph Database. This (not always known) technology offers ways to collect, assemble, filter and automate data in a relevant way.
  • How do you present all this information to the traveler in a user friendly way, so they are actually helped in their orientation process for their next European destination? The answer: Though it needs to be revolutionary and different from what we are used to in other travel platforms, we can’t walk away from the conventions travelers are used to. By validating constantly we are able to balance between both and offer travelers the relevant fit.

Parts of the design where a Tourist Attraction is featured.

Parts of the design where a Tourist Attraction is featured.

Way of working

As always we followed our core method of the Shortest Path to Value.

Discover & Strategise

The foundation of this process was to refine the business concept based on the data retrieved from research and validate this with actual people. By following a hypothesis driven-method we were able to frame the scope for a measurable prototype and continue validating with real people.

User involvement

We adopted three forms of research to validate the choices we were making, and understanding what Ravlling needs to do to support travelers in the choice of their next destination:

- Concept validation: A qualitative research form to understand if the concept we designed fits the want and need of travelers.

- Market research: An extensive quantitative research form to understand travelers in a broader way to help us get insights on relevance when orienting and booking travel.

- Usability testing: A qualitative research form where we test our measurable prototype (the thing we want to build) with real people, and learn from their behavior and experience.

All the research fed us with relevant input to design the best concept forward, map the right technical architecture and develop a data strategy to support the learning process.

Create & Launch

After this foundational phase, our next step is to move forward with an MVP that proves the value of the concept in the market. Which is measured through Continuous User Involvement, as well as quantitative data analyses. Derived improvements are used to optimise and grow the user experience of Ravlling.

“A smart partner, capable of efficiently designing and building validated digital products. They combine their expertise in human centred design, development and data in an impressive and valuable way.”

Roy Scheerder

Founder Ravlling, ex-CCO at Transavia


Thanks to a great partnership with our client and by following our proven way of working, we were able to design a new revolutionary interface concept focussed on the discovery of relevant and surprising travel destinations.

The back-end manages a vast amount of travel data in an innovative graph database structure, making it possible to present the right information to the traveler with the highest speed and relevancy.

This scalability of the platform makes it possible to easily grow into a maturity step by step, country by country.

Finding your next destination in a fun, efficient and revolutionary way


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