Data driven fashion design

Data driven fashion design

Lofty Manner is an independent fashion brand with a rapidly growing digital channel. All of their collections are designed in-house and their brand can be found in over 250 stores in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Lofty Manner’s goal is to expand their brand internationally in a data driven way. While scaling up is their ambition, they want to do it as sustainable as possible and avoid scaling up waste.

For them this means keeping returns low, avoiding high stock in their sales process and understanding where success comes from so they can grow from there.


Help us become a data driven fashion brand.

How can we use data to predict the styles our audience wants to buy next season so we can eliminate waste?

Lofty Manner



Technology used

HevoData, Snowflake, Azure, PowerBI


When looking at their goal and how their digital platform was set up, it was quickly clear that the best way to help them was through a step-by-step approach:

  • A Discover & Strategise phase to define their Actionable Digital Strategy.
  • Create & Launch a first MVP where we set up the basic foundation for data collection, structuring and presentation.
  • Move as fast as we could to the Optimise & Grow phase so we could understand and improve the first MVP in a learning loop in close collaboration.


Data driven fashion

Once this MVP is set, it allows us to move into the next phase where we can model the data to extract the relevant information to be able to practise minimal waste design.


Data driven fashion

Data driven fashionData driven fashion

Data dashboard & technical foundation

Data dashboard & technical foundation

Way of working

Firstly we focused on the foundation that allows Lofty Manner to become a data driven fashion brand.

Discover & Strategise

We mapped their business goals and their customers needs and created an Actionable Digital Strategy where we defined two important layers to be able to reach their goal:

  • The data foundation
  • The organisation of data.

Create & Launch

In this phase we launched the two aforementioned MVP’s swiftly.

We used Snowflake (for the data lake), Hevodata (for automated data pipelines) and PowerBI (for data dashboarding) to build this foundation.

Optimise & Grow

Because being data driven was a new concept for Lofty Manner, we wanted to move as fast as we could into iterative sessions where we improved the data foundation and dashboards by presenting them with tangible components and learning from our discussions about them. This allowed us to set up a learning loop where we would build, measure, learn and (re-)build.

“We not only chose to partner with because of their knowledge of design and technology, but also because of their empathic ability to translate our ambitions into insights that we had not considered at first and ultimately led to exceptional results. The collaboration really feels like a partnership for us, where you work together towards concrete results."

Michael Vinke

Founder / CEO Lofty Manner


An integrated data platform that enables digital sensemaking in fashion retail.

We are now ready to work with Lofty Manner on the next phase of our partnership and facilitate their fashion design process with relevant data.

An integrated data platform that enables digital sensemaking in fashion retail


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