National campus for quantum technology

National campus for quantum technology

House of Quantum is part of Quantum Delta Nederland (QDNL), a quantum technology ecosystem located in Europe that strives to create profound societal impact through technological advancements. They connect people in the quantum field and beyond, providing opportunities to learn, collaborate, and achieve more together.

House of Quantum itself provides the quantum ecosystem with spaces and facilities needed for the development of the quantum technology industry. They provide the physical and digital space that allows members to come together as a community and collaborate within the field.


In this first phase of our partnership, House of Quantum asked us to create a digital presence for them in a lean and swift way, to facilitate the opening of their first hubs.

House of Quantum


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We started with building a meaningful digital product. This lean digital platform would have its own distinct brand style and should hold the foundational information necessary for a potential member to join House of Quantum.


Defining structure and aligning expectations

By building the platform in Webflow, a SaaS solution that helps build and host websites, we were able to keep it lean. This kept us away from using complicated CMS’s or doing a custom technical build for them.


Dutch minister of Economic Affairs & Climate Micky Adriaansens and Prince Constantijn opening the first hub

Defining structure and aligning expectationsDutch minister of Economic Affairs & Climate Micky Adriaansens and Prince Constantijn opening the first hub

“I want to be a part of this!”

“I want to be a part of this!”

Way of working

For this project we started with a Discover & Strategise phase. To clearly understand what business objectives there were in the short and medium term, we conducted a workshop to jointly determine the target groups priorities and goals. Resulting in the delivery of:

  • A digital style and design concept.
  • An inventory of the scope, content structure and content design.

This allowed us to start our Create & Launch phase. In this phase we worked in close collaboration with the stakeholders. Through a method of short iterations we developed the House of Quantum website MVP (minimum viable product):

  • Each iteration was reviewed by our partners and their stakeholders at House of Quantum, where feedback was collected;
  • Towards the end of the implementation we did a final fine-tuning together.
  • In addition, we have taken the time to add visual refinements and micro animation, resulting in a well-thought-out and carefully developed platform.

The final iteration concluded with the delivery of the House of Quantum website MVP.

The team at is great in guiding digital product development from scratch. They are knowledgeable, professional and fun to work with and they never lose sight of the long-term objectives

Shahar Graf

House of Quantum Lead


We designed and developed a digital style and design concept, and a digital platform that informs the QDNL ecosystem, and mostly potential members, about House of Quantum. This MVP encompasses all the necessary foundational information to be able to decide if you want to become a member.

The platform communicates what House of Quantum is, what the benefits are and the various lease-/subscriptions models to become a member. It enables their target group to get in touch, sign up for a lease-subscription and to join the House of Quantum community.

At the same time the platform allows for future optimisations and extension of functionalities that House of Quantum wants to offer their community members while opening new locations over the coming years.

The launch of the website coincided with the grand opening of the first House of Quantum location in Delft by the Dutch minister of Economic Affairs & Climate Micky Adriaansens and Prince Constantijn van Oranje Nassau.

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