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Increase and retain the number of power-users in 4 steps

More clients, less churn, and a growing number of power-users. It’s at the top of your agenda, with travellers having so many shared mobility brands to choose from, and a product that is commoditising so quickly. But how to accomplish this?

Enjoy our proven approach

With our Shared Mobility Approach, we will help you meet your goals


Address business goals & KPI’s

The first step to increase and retain the number of power-users is to understand what makes your business special.

With your subject matter expertise and our years of industry knowledge, we organise the best way to apply our shared mobility framework.


Tailor our mobility framework

Next, we tailor our proven industry framework to your specific situation in a joint pressure cooker session.

This is where we will put our hands-on experience in shared mobility into practice, resulting in a visual overview of your travellers experience.


Identify leverage points

We identify your leverage points, and map these onto the framework.

These areas, where a small shift in one thing can mean big changes on the rest of your platform, will help you focus on the most important actions to take.


Prioritise actionable digital roadmap

Get the best next actions presented in an actionable roadmap for you to put into practice.

Jointly prioritised based on your business goals, value for the user, technical feasibility and operational impact.

Want to learn more about:

  • The specifics of our Shared-Mobility Framework?
  • Case Studies in which we applied this approach?
  • Examples of leverage points that lead to more power users?
Send us an email or give us a call and we’ll gladly share our knowledge.

Your gains

Short term improvements

to pick up right away

Long term solutions

with big impact to plan ahead

Actionable roadmap

based on your business goals, user value, technical feasibility and operational impact

Hands-on experience
in travel and mobility

While you are an expert in your field, we gladly put our years of digital knowledge in travel and (shared) mobility industries into practice for you.

The members of our team have a unique combined track record in working with companies such as OV-fiets, Blue-bike, Greenwheels, NS Stations, Eurail, LeasePlan, CarNext, Transavia, Air France - KLM and many more.

Let us help you reach your goals.

" applies her knowledge of shared mobility in a very relevant way to create an overview of the customer journey of our shared bike members. This way opportunities are identified to bring better support to travellers to reach their final destination quickly and reliably."

Stefaan Butaye

General Manager at Blue-bike

“The team helps translating complex matters, into a tangible plan with an actionable roadmap. This results in a clear path towards our goal. They manage to operationalise a big vision into a digital strategy.”

Peter van de Pol

Product Owner MaaS & OV-pay at Nederlandse Spoorwegen