A human centred approach to a hands-free charging solution

A human centred approach to a hands-free charging solution

Rocsys offers a hands-free charging connector for EV fleets called the ROC-1.

Rocsys is a global leader that has an innovative approach that combines soft robotics, AI-based computer vision, and data-driven services to create a reliable, seamless, and cost-effective charging experience. Allowing them to deliver efficiency, safety, sustainability, and scalability to leading port operators, logistics companies, and automotive brands worldwide.

In order to manage their fleet of ROC’s, Rocsys built an online platform that helps collect insights on their performance, to learn and to intervene when necessary.


Help us improve the current digital ROCS platform, that supports autonomous charging, to increase both in quality and implementation velocity as well as in user friendliness.



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Autonomous charging made possible


A human centred digital platform for service engineers and internal stakeholders to support their work process.

Where we shift from a mainly technically focused platform to a platform that truly resonates with the users in the context of their workflow, enhancing their decision-making capabilities and overall experience.


Learning how the Roc works

We focused on four connecting areas:

  1. Professional need:
    We prioritised the understanding of the different users' perspectives and workflows and aligning the platform's structure with their professional mental models and work habits.
  2. Data structure and insights:
    The available data needs to match the needs of the professionals in their day to day work. Instead of static tables that forced the engineers to sift through extensive data, we empowered them with a clearer data structure that offers direct insights and conclusions.
  3. Visual consistency:
    We elevated the platform's visual appeal and usability, we incorporated more design elements such as colours, typography, and layout consistent with Rocsys' style guide. This helps us ensure a consistent and branded experience for users.
  4. Development support:
    We support the RocSys development team bringing the platform to life, building the designed product right.

Parallel we focused on future scenarios and how we can make sure the platform can grow sustainably by gaining meaningful insights.


The Roc in action

Learning how the Roc worksThe Roc in action

Screen designs with dummy data

Screen designs with dummy data


Component library

Way of working

In this first phase of our partnership, we followed two important steps:


To design the right product right, we made sure we understood and charted the context of ROCS, the users and the company. We were able to do that through a combination of desk research, user interviews, stakeholder workshops and our own expert review.

The information helped feed our design process with clear input on:

  • The business: the stakeholder field, business goals and business needs.
  • The needs and expectations of the user; insights in roles and responsibilities, workflow and informational needs.
  • The platform; all the functionalities, structures of data, meaning of data items and statuses.

Shape product

The information helped us with the right context on how to redesign the platform and its structure.

We involved the service engineers in the design process by validating our design choices with them. This helped us sharpen, confirm and where necessary adjust our designs and help them gain ownership over the new platform.

“The team helped us to identify and visualise the areas for improvement of the platform. Using their expertise, they helped create a human centred platform, where we took the first step to optimise the work process for the service engineers.”

Susan van Wissen

Product Manager at Rocsys


The result is a redesigned human centred platform that empowers the different users of the ROCS platform. Ready for implementation.

The platform now offers a user interface that supports the needs of the service engineers offering them the same functionalities, but more user friendly and meaningful, empowering them in their day to day work and their decision-making capabilities.

The next step in our partnership is to launch the platform and optimise it to support the growth of RocSys.

Autonomous charging optimised by Human centred design


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